Bullied Teenager, 13, Takes Own Life After Switch To He/Him Pronouns!

Onyx John, a 13-year-old transgender boy, tragically took his own life after experiencing severe bullying at Beaudesert High School in Queensland, Australia. Onyx had recently started identifying as a boy and using male pronouns, but his classmates refused to accept him. The bullying became so unbearable that Onyx would shake with fear before going to school.

The family accused the school of failing to address the bullying issue, saying that even when a pack of girls confronted Onyx in the bathroom and threatened him, there were no consequences for the aggressors. Onyx's family is seeking justice for the lack of response and care in handling the bullying that Onyx endured. The bullying didn't stop at school; it also continued online with fake accounts pretending to be Onyx and harassing other students. Onyx's family felt unsupported by the school, claiming that the teachers were instructed not to discuss the issue with students, and when they reached out to the school's official Facebook page, they were blocked.

After Onyx's death, the school extended support to the family and sent a belated email to parents, expressing their condolences and acknowledging the need for reflection and a safe learning environment. The principal also offered counselling services for students needing support. The Queensland Department of Education confirmed that they are investigating the bullying allegations and providing support to staff and students. Onyx's family remembered him as a bright young person with dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

They have set up a GoFundMe campaign to cover the funeral expenses, and any excess funds will be donated to Suicide Prevention Australia. This heartbreaking story sheds light on the devastating consequences of bullying and highlights the importance of creating safe and inclusive environments for all students.

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