Emotional Moment Female Soldier Marched Towards Her Grandpa, He Welcomes Her in Military Way, Salutes!

A short emotional video captured the moment a female soldier marched into her grandfather's compound in her military uniform. The man walked out of his house with a frail gait to see his granddaughter. He stood still like a commander as the daughter approached him in a military fashion. 

Emotional reunion of soldier and grandpa After the lady saluted him, the man reached out to her, and they hugged. It was an emotional reunion for both of them.

Man reunites with father after years abroad In other news, a young Nigerian man known as @mannywellz made a short video that captured the moment he surprised his dad after 14 years he had been abroad. In a video that has gone viral, the man walked into his family home without informing his parents he was coming. 

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