The Walking Dead's 20 Most Hated Supporting Characters

introduced — and killed off — dozens of supporting characters across its 11 seasons. Not every recurring survivor on was as beloved as Hershel or Tyreese though, as the most hated characters outside the main cast prove. Whether it's because they betrayed a series mainstay, broke a major character's heart, or were just a bit jarring when on screen, the worst supporting characters all added to the show by being so satisfying to loathe. There's a definite hierarchy, however, and the most hated supporting character is almost universally despised by fans both casual and hardcore.

Some of the most hated supporting characters were . Other contenders for the title of worst character outside the main cast were only around for a season or two, but they left their mark. While not outright antagonists, many of the worst minor characters on were still thorns in the side of Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the main survivors. Many are divisive too, and some even went from being hated to adored over the course of 11 seasons. The 20 most hated supporting characters on is a roster of the most divisive faces on the show — although the worst minor character splits almost no opinions.

20 Jadis

Jadis was mostly known as the leader of the Scavengers, and she was not someone many fans liked from the start. Played by Pollyanna McIntosh, was her real big break in America, but she ended up as one of the most hated characters who actually lived past the end of the series. Eventually, the audience learned about her traumatic past, and her real name — Anne. It gave her a chance for rehabilitation, but she ruined that.

Jadis refused to help Rick's survivors and almost caused his death in her junkyard. People liked Jadis even less when she escaped Simon's slaughter of the Scavengers and went to live in Alexandria, only to continue to hide her secrets. Even when she saved Rick's life after the bridge explosion, she took him to a possibly dangerous place . The fact she is responsible for Rick leaving secured her place as one of the most hated characters.

19 Ed

Ed was one of the first true villains on . It is easy to hate a man who abuses women, and when the woman he beats is the beloved Carol, he was the first human that most fans wanted to see eaten by zombies. Played by Adam Minarovich, his only mainstream notoriety was from his role as one of the most hated characters.

It's fair to say that nobody was sad to see Ed die. Ed may have been one of the reasons that Carol is such a strong character, but that does not excuse the way he treated her, as well as how he treated the other women in their camp. Ed's death was deserved, but the satisfying moment was when Carol put down his reanimated corpse with a pickaxe, getting a little measure of revenge.

18 Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel was one of the most hated characters from the moment he made his first appearance. He was a minister who let his entire congregation die, so he could protect his own life. When the survivors showed up, he didn't want them there and tried to betray them the second he met Negan. He was a coward and put fan favorites in danger constantly on the show. Seth Gilliam played Father Gabriel after roles on critically acclaimed HBO shows and .

Father Gabriel grew in strength since that time and became a legitimate fighter, but with all his past sins, his death in the comics seemed perfect. He was stuck, hanging upside down from a water tower, and Beta killed him. He has since become a leader on the TV show, but for most of his life, he was one of the most hated characters. By the end, though, he lived and proved to be a better man thanks to his experiences.

17 Rosita

Rosita was, at one time, a beloved character on . She showed up with Abraham and Eugene and was as tough as nails. It was nice to see a strong and dominant female joining the group, and she wasn't someone to mess around with. Things changed when Abraham died. She had started to slip a bit while he was still alive. She was doubting herself and becoming less of a strong woman and more of a liability for the group.

In the comics, she ended up with her head on a spike in the war with the Whisperers, while pregnant. It was a tragic moment that made fans mourn her loss. On the TV show, she lost that sympathy, but she had a chance to gain it back as a member of the army in the Commonwealth. Played by Christian Serratos of fame, she ended up rehabilitated by the end and in the series finale.

16 Eugene

When Eugene first arrived, it was easy to hate the survivor. He was a weak link in the trio of him, Abraham, and Rosita, and the tough Abraham took the obligation to protect him. When it turned out he lied about a cure to make Abraham protect him, he was even more despicable. He was cowardly and often gaslit people who actually pulled their own weight. Played by Josh McDermitt, it took a long time for Eugene to prove himself.

Eugene found his footing by the end of , but it did little to fix his reputation with many in fandom. Between making the bullets that almost killed the main group to getting them captured by the Commonwealth, he was far too unforgivable a liability in the eyes of many. Eugene somehow survived to the end fo , despite his lack of decision-making skills. While he was no longer one of the most hated characters by the finale, he held that role for longer than almost anyone else.

15 Aiden Monroe

Aiden Monroe was part of the Alexandria community when Rick and his survivors showed up. Along with his brother, Aiden's stubbornness and paranoia meant he wanted to condemn Rick to wander the dangerous world outside the walls. While their fears were correct that Rick and the group planned to take over, these brothers went about it the wrong way. Neither Aiden nor his buddy Nicholas knew how to deal with The Walkers anyway, and their mistakes cost lives in the end.

What is amazing about the level of hatred audiences had for him was the fact that Daniel Bonjour was only around for two episodes. However, that was really all it took to make fans hate him, and when he died, it was a moment that mostly was met with a shrug because he really deserved his fate. After , Bonjour went on to star in and took on a recurring role in ​​​​​​.

14 Bob Stookey

Bob Stookey was someone who came around with fans by the time he died. That was a great moment where he was able to let Terminus know that he was bitten and infected while the cannibals were eating his leg. His death was sad, but for most of his life, fans were not Team Bob. He was a liability, his drinking problems put everyone in danger due to his ineptitude, and he was one of the most hated characters.

He was also not a team player, and his death actually made the group stronger in the end. Much like Seth Gilliam, actor Lawrence Gilliard Jr. also starred in before taking on the role of Bob and then went on to star in another HBO series, , after that.

13 Milton

The Governor on the AMC series was much better than the comic book version. While the Governor in the comics was a sociopath and a real villain, he was much more well-rounded in the TV series, and it helped that fan favorite David Morrissey portrayed him. However, his right-hand man Milton was not someone that fans bought into, and he was easily one of the most hated characters during that storyline.

Played by Dallas Roberts. Milton was the scientist who was trying to figure out what the risen dead were really about, but he ended up as a wishy-washy character to the end when he finally killed Andrea. While Andrea was far from universally loved by fans of , the fact he killed one of the cast originals made him even more unlikable.

12 Richard

Negan was deadly, and even when he left, the Saviors remained a thorn in the side of the survivors afterward. On the TV show, there was one among Ricks survivors who heightened the tensions between the two groups — Richard. He wanted to take the battle to the Saviors, and he thought he should be a martyr to the cause. Richard even failed at his goal of being a martyr, and Morgan ended up killing him to stop any further deaths.

Played by Karl Makinen played Richard on the show, but other than that, he has mostly just taken on supporting roles in other TV shows, including and , where he played President Lyndon B. Johnson. His story on was a sad one, as he saw his family die and wanted to get revenge against anyone he saw as a threat. However, his actions made him one of the most hated characters in the end.

11 Enid

While the heads on a pike in comics were tragic and shook up fans when it went down, the version the AMC show revealed was nowhere near as effective. That is because the people who died were not characters the fans were really invested in. Enid was one of those. While she had a nice introduction on the show when her parents died, she went downhill quickly. Played by Katelyn Nacon, Enid was someone who was self-sufficient and reliant and ended up changing drastically after joining the survivors.

Enid went from being a strong survivor to simply being turned into a love interest and putting beloved survivors at risk one too many times for fans to accept her into the group. When her head ended up on a spike, no one really cared, and she went down as one of the most hated characters. No one really seemed to care she was gone after her death, and even if she's not the most hated supporting character on she is arguably one of the most forgettable.

10 Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson was one of the many kids who showed up on that fans wanted to see gone. His mother was Jessie, who became a love interest for a short time for Rick Grimes. Sadly, Carol was partially responsible for turning Sam into one of the most hated characters when she scared him into keeping quiet about her gun. She threatened to kill him, and his psyche never recovered.

After this, Sam went into a very dark place and became scared of everything, quickly becoming one of the most hated characters. When Rick tried to save Sam's family, he wouldn't shut up in the middle of a zombie herd, and that was what caused him and his mother to die at the hands of the walkers. Plus, his brother shot Carl in the eye in revenge, making him even worse.

9 Lori Grimes

When Rick Grimes woke up from his coma in the first episode, his only goal was to find his wife Lori and son Carl. He set out, and fans anxiously wanted to see him reunited with his family. He found them with his best friend Shane, and , and she changed her mind, returning to her husband. However, after this, Lori became the generic nagging wife.

Played by Sarah Wayne Callies (), Lori never understood that Rick was trying his hardest to keep everyone alive and do what he could to protect them, including her and their son, Carl. She complained so much that fans didn't mind when she died giving birth to Judith as one of the most hated characters. Her death almost destroyed Rick, but fans seemed happy to see her gone.

8 Lizzie

Lizzie is the second child on this list, and she is an extraordinary case. Carol had lost her own family, and now she was playing mother with Lizzie and her sister Mika. However, as the show moved on, she became very annoying, especially since she was the voice that tried to tell everyone that people were probably dead when they were just late returning. Her pessimistic attitude took a startling turn when she started to identify with the zombies more than with real humans.

Played by Brighton Sharbino, Lizzie wanted the survivors to stop killing zombies because she believed the humans were still in there. She tried to prove it by killing her 10-year-old sister to show that not all zombies were evil. Carol ended up taking her out to see the flowers and put a bullet in her head to save fans from having to see and hear from her anymore.

7 Andrea

There were two characters in the comic books that switched places on the TV show. In the comics, Carol was a clingy and emotionally stunted woman who took her own life, while Andrea was tough as nails and lasted longer than almost anyone, even falling in love with Rick. On the TV show, Carol overcame her struggles and had one of the most satisfying character arcs whereas supporting characters — despite having an incredibly significant role in the show's early seasons.

Played by Laurie Holden (), Andrea always wanted to die, and when people kept saving her, it prolonged the pain fans had, watching her on the show. She finally took her own life while a prisoner to The Governor by allowing a turned Milton to bite her. It was a tragic ending, and one which really didn't live up to the Andrea character in comics.

6 Spencer Monroe

Several of the most hated characters are from the Alexandria community. It is almost sad since they were a safe, self-sufficient community until Rick Grimes and his friends showed up and decided to take over for themselves. One person who took it badly was Spencer Monroe, whose parents were initially the leaders.

Played by 's Austin Nichols, the main reason most people hated Spencer was that he was a coward who had everything handed to him. He hated the idea of having to work under someone when Rick showed up and made life hard for everyone. Even Negan had no time for Spencer and killed him in the streets when he realized Spencer was a liability to everyone around them.

5 Jared

Jared showed up in season 7 of as part of the Saviors. While he was not a top guy through much of his time on the show, he started to rub viewers the wrong way thanks to his personality. Out of all the Saviors, Jared was the biggest bully and just wanted to antagonize and hurt people. Negan had morals somewhat, but Jared was just pure evil.

Played by Joshua Mikel, Jared was taken prisoner after the war, but while some Saviors just wanted to live and move on, he remained antagonistic toward everyone and wouldn't stop, even when in a cage. In a true spot of justice, Morgan finally trapped Jared in a hall with Walkers, and his death was very satisfying for fans as one of the most hated d characters finally got what he deserved.

4 Nicholas

Nicholas was a coward, and fans of hated him because he was just about worthless. He was the right-hand to Spencer but was even more cowardly than his friend. This made the fact that they worked on scavenger teams laughable. He caused the death of Will and Noah. He almost caused Glenn to die on a trash dumpster when Nicholas took his own life in fear, knocking Glenn into the herd.

Played by Michael Traynor, Nicholas served no purpose other than making everyone else's lives harder, easily one of the most hated characters. While after Negan brutally murdered Glenn, he nearly caused Glenn's death to come much sooner — something that earns him a place among the most hated characters.

3 Simon

Simon was an endearing antagonist, and — like many of the shows most endearing villiains — fans loved to hate him. His minion in the Saviors, Jared, was someone no one liked, and people just despised him. When it came to Negan, there were just as many people who loved him as hated him. However, when it came to Steven Ogg, he played the villain role of Simon perfectly.

Simon wasn't the slick and in-control "cool villain" archetype like Negan. He was a rude, abrasive, and caused problems for himself by with his short-sighted desire to remain on top. Fans hated him, but in an incredibly satisfying way. Ogg continued to appear in fan-favorite genre shows after , taking on the role of the villainous host Rebus in and then portraying Pike, one of the leaders in the Tail on .

2 Beth Greene

Beth Greene was a strange case. For many years, she was easily one of the most hated characters. There was nothing about her that was interesting or worthwhile, and she seemed to be more trouble than she was worth. However, when Beth died at the hospital, a moment that devastated Daryl, fans suddenly spoke up and hated the fact she was gone.

Played by Emily Kinney, who also appeared in DC shows and , Beth went from someone fans hated to someone whom they felt sorry for. This might have a lot to do with Daryl being one of the best characters, and Norman Reedus sold the grief perfectly. Beth was someone fans hated but then claimed to love after her death.

1 Gregory

If there is one supporting character that fans hated more than any other, it was Gregory. He lived in the biggest, nicest house in the Hilltop and served as their leader, while his people worked hard and lived the best they could. When Rick and company showed up, he was immediately antagonistic. He was a gutless coward and betrayed them to Negan, and thanks to his combination of avarice and cowardice is easily the most hated supporting character on

Played by Xander Berkeley (, ), Gregory was a devious backstabber and tried to have Maggie killed, solidifying his status as one of the most hated characters. Everything he did was for his own well-being, and when and executed, it couldn't have happened to a more hated character. Unlike characters such as Beth, Simon or Eugene who all have supporters backing their corner, almost nobody in fandom was sad to see Gregory go.

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