Man Kills Daughter Before Turning Gun On Himself In Murder-Suicide!

In a devastating act of violence, a 50-year-old man, Donovan Halstead, shot and killed his eight-year-old daughter before taking his own life. The tragedy occurred days after the girl's mother filed a restraining order against Halstead. The Modesto Police Department released a statement explaining that they responded to a report of a suicidal person and encountered Halstead armed with a gun.

Despite attempts by the police to communicate with him, Halstead carried out the shooting moments later. He was found still alive with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but his daughter did not survive despite life-saving efforts. The mother had divorced Halstead in April and had obtained a restraining order on July 10, just hours before the murder-suicide took place. To support the mother in covering the funeral expenses, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up, and it has already raised a significant amount.

Social media posts from Halstead reveal his struggles with depression and anxiety, while court documents indicate a toxic relationship with the mother, including allegations of verbal and physical abuse. The Modesto Police Department continues to investigate the case, including how Halstead obtained the gun used in the crime.

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