Mum Accused Of 'Neglect' Because 6 Kids Sleep In One Room!

A single mother-of-six from Leeds has received backlash on social media for having all her children sleep in one bedroom of her two-bed council house. Nicole Wong, 31, has been targeted by trolls who accuse her of neglecting her children and threaten to report her to social services. Nicole, a part-time aesthetics practitioner, shares her home with Nyala, 12, Nevaeh, 11, Neesha, 8, Nathaniel, 7, Neiko, 4, and Nikita, 2. She explained that due to limited housing options, she has been unable to find a bigger house for her family despite being on the housing list for five years.

The trolling began after Nicole started sharing her family's life on TikTok, with critics claiming her children deserve their own space. Nicole has defended herself, stating that she is working to better her situation and provide for her children, but it is not easy to find a larger home. She also mentioned that she hardly has enough space in the house to cook for her family. Despite the criticism, many social media users have expressed support for Nicole and her situation.

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