Moment 'Crook' Appears To Smuggle Golf Clubs Down His Trousers!

Two "crooks" attempted to steal £850 worth of golf clubs by hiding them in their trousers. CCTV footage captured one man picking up the clubs and handing them to the other, who then slid them down his legwear before leaving the shop. The incident occurred at the Royal Winchester golf shop on Sunday afternoon. The video was posted on Ferndown Forest Golf Course's Twitter profile with a sarcastic caption, mocking the thieves and suggesting that a Benny Hill tune should be played over the footage.

The golf course's proprietor, Steve Pockneall, stated that they were able to track down the thieves through social media and recover the stolen clubs. The CCTV footage and the identities of the individuals were handed over to Hampshire Police, who are now dealing with the incident. Although disappointed to be a victim of a crime, Pockneall found humor in the bizarre nature of the theft and hopes that the police will handle the case in a way that discourages future incidents.

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