Woman's Body Donated For Alzheimer's Research 'Blown Up By Military'!

An Arizona man donated his mother's body to a medical research center, hoping that it would contribute to Alzheimer's research. However, he later discovered that the center had sold off his mother's body to the US military for $6,000. Her body was then used in a 'blast testing' experiment, where it was strapped to a chair and blown up to simulate the impact of a vehicle hit by an improvised explosive device (IED). The man, named Jim Stauffer, had initially chosen the Biological Resource Center (BRC) in Maricopa County after a recommendation from a nurse.

He signed an agreement with the center, detailing what would happen to his mother's body. Several days later, he received a wooden box containing the majority of her ashes, but no information was provided about how her body was used or where the rest of her remains were. It was only three years later that Stauffer learned the truth about his mother's fate. A reporter from Reuters sent him documents that revealed the BRC workers had separated one of his mother's hands for cremation but had sold the rest of her body, including her brain, to the military for the blast testing experiment.

The experiment aimed to understand the impact of IEDs on the human body. Stauffer realized that he and his family had been deceived by the BRC. The center had sold the bodies of at least 20 other donors to the military without obtaining proper consent from the donors or their families. The bodies were sold for $5,893 each. The BRC claimed that they had received consent forms from the families but had failed to provide them to the military. Stauffer filed a lawsuit against the BRC and its owner, Stephen Gore. He described the center's actions as similar to the horror novel Frankenstein.

In 2015, Gore was found guilty of operating an illegal business after it was discovered that he had been selling body parts. The investigation revealed that more than 1,755 human body parts were found at the facility. The BRC had picked up bodies from family homes and then sold the parts to middlemen for profit. The bodies were dismembered using chain saws and band saws, instead of medical procedures. There was even a price list for the body parts. After the investigations, Gore pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay restitution. Stauffer continues to struggle with the reality of his mother's body being used in such a gruesome experiment. He believes that he will never be able to move past the trauma of what happened to her remains.

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