Military Dad’s Reunion With Daughter Leaves Teachers In Tears

Military homecoming videos always touch the heart and this special reunion between an Army dad and daughter at her school is warming thousands everywhere.

Florida mom, Marjorie Tran, 30, was waiting for her husband, Tony to return from deployment after the family spent a long 9 months away from him.

She captured the heartwarming moment when her children reunited with their father on camera when Tony came home for Labor Day after moving from active duty to the reserves.

There wasn't a dry eye there at the elementary school her daughter, Luna, 8, and son Liam, 6, attend.

The teachers were all in on the surprise and cried along with Marjorie and Tony during the reunion.

Liam missed his dad really hard and had not seen him since January.

The family has really missed Tony, and you can see how much they love him from their heartwarming reaction to his homecoming.

Marjorie said, "The second my son came in and jumped in my husband's arms he was immediately in tears and couldn't let go."

"My husband is a police officer outside of the U.S. Army and is my son's everything."

"So this was a huge moment for Liam since he's been taking this separation the hardest."

Marjorie and Tony are married for 7 years and met when he was serving on active duty for the U.S. army.

Marjorie said: "He was home visiting his sister for the weekend for whom I worked for at the time. We have been together since late 2013, since we have been together this is his second deployment."

What a beautiful moment this was and truly touching to the heart, we really hope this family gets to spend a lot of time together now and makeup all the time lost. 

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