14 Photos Of People's Bodily Oddities That'll Further Your Fascination With The Human Species

The human body — and all of its imperfections — is totally fascinating to me. So, it's no surprise that one of my favorite things to do is scroll through Reddit to find the weirdest things people have discovered about their flesh vessels.

Here are 14 photos people shared of their bodies that'll hopefully interest you as much as they interested me:

1."I have dermatographia and can write on my skin."

2. "This little pimple that has formed on my skin within my tattoo looks like a sunset."

3."I slapped a mosquito so hard that I engraved it on my skin, and now, I have a mosquitattoo."

4."Raynaud's Syndrome on my hand this morning."

5."The blister on my foot looks like a foot."

6."Ingrown hair on my foot with a creepy plug."

7."The stitches in my eye after my cornea transplant."

8."Why do my nails fold down like this?! Happens on these two fingers and my index finger on my right hand, too."

9."These pimples on my face happen to line up almost perfectly with my freckles."

10."I just discovered another face on my face, and now I can't unsee it."

11."My teeth, before and after braces."

12."A few weeks ago, I somehow picked up a viral rash, and now, most of my body looks like this."

13."There's a patch on my leg that doesn't get goosebumps."

14.And finally, "There's an old woman's face in my belly button."

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