Army Sec fears North Korea may seriously harm troubled US 'defector'!

In a recent incident, a US soldier named Travis King crossed into North Korea, leaving military officials concerned for his safety. King had skipped a flight from South Korea back to the US and was facing disciplinary action from his Army superiors. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth expressed her worries about how North Korea's regime would treat him.

The US government has reached out to North Korea through various means to inquire about King's whereabouts and well-being, but their calls have been ignored. The motives behind King's border crossing remain unclear, and there is no evidence to suggest that he sympathized with North Korea. The Army Secretary likened the situation to that of Otto Warmbier, a college student who was imprisoned in North Korea and died shortly after his return to the United States.

Warmbier's father expressed concerns that King may be used as a hostage or political prisoner. Despite the lack of response from North Korea, the US government continues to work towards resolving the crisis. The incident has highlighted the absence of formal diplomatic ties between North Korea and the United States, as well as the tensions resulting from North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

King's actions were preceded by a series of run-ins with South Korean authorities and personal struggles, including the tragic death of his seven-year-old cousin. His family believes that these issues contributed to his reckless behavior. Witnesses described King as laughing hysterically during his border crossing, and a tourist captured a photo of him moments before he made his dash. King's mother expressed her pride in him but also pleaded for his return to the US. Court documents reveal that King had previously faced assault allegations and was fined for damaging a police car. It remains unclear whether his disciplinary action from the US military was connected to these incidents.

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