Wаlkinɡ Deаd: Deаd City Will Finаlly Mаke Up For Neɡаn Killinɡ Glenn

The story for The Walking Dead: Dead City proves that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan is about to make up for murdering Glenn in the main series.

It’s taken years, but Negan will finally make amends for killing Glenn in  . Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the former villain is primed for a team-up with Lauren Cohan’s Maggie in one of the show’s three upcoming spinoffs. It would seem that sometime after being forced to work together against the Commonwealth, the two will have to put aside their differences once more.

There was a time when Maggie would sooner kill Negan than join forces with him, but so much has changed since those days. Years of Negan selflessly helping the Alexandrians have gradually made him someone the main characters could depend on during a time of need. Of course, Maggie’s trust has been harder to come by, and understandably so. In  final episode, Maggie claimed that while she could accept that Negan was no longer the person he once was, she was not capable of forgiving him for murdering Glenn. Even now, this atrocity continues to hang over Negan’s head in the  universe.

Dead City’s Rescue Mission Can Finish Negan’s Redemption Arc

Looking at what’s known about , Negan is about to finally make up for what he did to Glenn. Details about the show confirm that Negan and Maggie’s trip to Manhattan will come as a response to the kidnapping of Maggie and Glenn’s son. Given the population of the area, Manhattan is likely to be one of the most dangerous places they’ve ever visited, making this a high-stakes mission for both characters. It’s only logical that Herschel’s mother would have to take the risk, but it’s not a journey Negan would be expected to undertake. By putting his life on the line, Negan will once again step into the role of a hero.

Co-leading Maggie’s rescue mission in  should finish the franchise’s efforts to redeem the character. Not only will he play a major role in saving the son of the person he murdered, he’ll also be walking away from his own family and whatever life he’s currently sharing with Annie. Given what he stands to lose, Negan is making a massive sacrifice just by going to Manhattan with Maggie. Assuming they succeed and Herschel winds up in safe hands because of Negan, he’ll have finally paid his dues for one of his greatest crimes.

Negan Already Redeemed Himself In The Walking Dead

It’s worth noting that whatever contributions Negan makes to the rescue mission in  will only further what the franchise has already been doing with his character. After all, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the main series already redeemed him for many of his evil actions in the series. In addition to helping the main characters win key battles against the Whisperers and the Reapers, Negan saved Herschel and Maggie a few times in season 11. By helping Maggie rescue Herschel again even when he has nothing left to prove, Negan will take another huge stride toward becoming a better person.