Christopher Meloni’s naked sock ad gets fans drooling: ‘Daddy???’

Christopher Meloni, known for his role as Detective Elliot Stabler on "Law & Order: SVU," has recently caused a stir online with his revealing photos. In a NSFW Instagram post, the 62-year-old actor shared pictures of himself lying naked on a bed, covered only by a plush comforter.

The provocative images garnered a million views and drew attention to Meloni's physique, particularly his well-known posterior. However, instead of unveiling his entire body, Meloni surprised viewers by showcasing his blue-striped knee-high socks by Tommie Copper.

In separate scenes of the promotional post, Meloni can be seen cooking in his birthday suit while proudly displaying his socks. He alternates between placing each foot on the kitchen countertop, giving viewers a glimpse of his blurred but bare private parts.

The saucy advertisement played on the age-old tactic of "sex sells," generating enthusiastic responses from fans. Many left comments expressing their excitement and desire to purchase the socks. Some even jokingly asked if ordering socks would come with a free Chris Meloni.

While most viewers celebrated Meloni's enduring attractiveness, not everyone was impressed. Some critics felt that his antics were tiresome and wondered why he felt the need to disrobe for every occasion. Despite the mixed reactions, many fans hailed Meloni as the sexiest man alive and praised his captivating presence.

Overall, Christopher Meloni's risqué photos showcasing his knee-high socks created a buzz on social media, with fans both delighted and divided by his bold display.

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