Walking Dead's 'Ones Who Live' Line Had A Much Darker Meaning You Can't Understand!

series finale's "" line originally had a significantly darker meaning on the show. Spoken consecutively by a number of characters fromcast, the phrase served as the show's final message. Two of the many characters to speak the line in memorable ending were Rick Grimes and Michonne, who will be returning together in a spinoff series.

In addition to teasing what have been up to ahead of their spinoff, the scene in question allowed for a multitude of callbacks to previous seasons and long-lost characters. The line, "" capped off an emotional speech made by Rick and Michonne that spoke to the group's ability to persevere through all the challenges they've been through in the show's 11-year run by relying on each other. It also promised better things for their future as they push ahead after ending.

Rick's Original "Ones Who Live" Meaning Explained

Before turning into a hopeful mantra that symbolized the characters' journey, the line meant something completely different. It was first used in when Rick was berating Deanna over the attitude of the Alexandrians, believing they were naive and unequipped for surviving in the apocalypse. To illustrate his point, Rick said of his own group, "" The idea that they survive because of their willingness to do whatever it takes is much more sinister interpretation of the line compared to how it was used in the series finale.

At that point in , the line perfectly represented Rick's mindset, even though it doesn't anymore. During the timeframe of season 5, Rick was less interested in building a better world and was more focused on making sure his own people survived. How much the apocalypse had hardened him was on display when he noted that they would take Alexandria for themselves if things didn't work out with Deanna and the others.

How The "Ones Who Live" Line Sets Up Rick Against The CRM

While it's true that Rick has abandoned this sort of worldview, the meaning with which "" was used in season 5 may soon become relevant again. Rick's own survival, rather than the best interests of his community, will be one of his biggest priorities for the first time in years. Up against a massive and powerful organization, it makes sense that to the ruthlessness demonstrated by the character in previous seasons in order to win. Going back to the way he lived before may be the only way he can ensure that he's still among the "" after the fight with the CRM.

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