Dead City's Story Highlights A Bigger Walking Dead Spinoff Problem!

A major plot point for reveals a significant issue for all upcoming spinoffs. Set in New York City, sees the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan and Lauren Cohan's Maggie as they form an unlikely alliance to rescue the latter's child, Hershel Rhee, from a mysterious band of kidnapers. The urban setting is one of the central selling points of , as it will explore a completely different kind of backdrop from the mainline show's typically rustic locations.

Even before the announcement of the , the franchise was already receiving a lot of criticism for its slow pacing, controversial story directions, and recycled ideas. This means that 's new spinoffs must truly justify themselves, and not just have fan-favorite characters return to redo plot lines already told over the course of the main show's 11 seasons. However, has a major problem: its story has seemingly been done before in .

The Walking Dead Did Dead City's Story Already In Season 11

It seems that the setting is one of the few truly new elements of , as many of the questions that the spinoff's trailer teases have already been asked in 's universe. Hershel was already taken twice in . Hershel's first rescue also saw his mother team up with Negan, much like what the trailer promises will happen in .

The second kidnap attempt had Maggie, alongside Carol, take on a squadron of Commonwealth troops at a house in Alexandria in order to rescue her son. Thus, Hershel Rhee getting captured is hardly new ground for theuniverse. must, therefore, do more in order to truly separate itself from the main show and justify its worth as a spinoff.

TWD's Spinoffs Must Do More To Separate From The Main Show

's teaser trailer reveals how 's spinoffs could struggle to separate themselves from the main show, aside from exploring different locations with familiar characters. One of the major selling points of the Daryl Dixon spinoff, for example, is that the eponymous character will travel to post-apocalyptic Europe. In order to truly justify themselves, must do more than repeat old plots with popular characters in new locations.

does not seem to be doing that from the look of the trailer, raising questions about whether any spinoffs will be truly new. There is a point where Hershel Rhee getting himself captured yet again loses impact, and basing an entire spinoff around a plot point already seen twice in season 11 suggests the franchise fatigue criticisms are not without merit. needs to find a fresher angle to zombie storytelling.

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