Don't Miss! The Official Addresses There Could Be Still Going To Be A Walking Dead Movie That Makes Fans Go Crazy!

Fans are still hoping there will be a Walking Dead movie, but it's taking a while to make it to theaters (or streaming services).

Over the last decade,  has become one of the most-loved zombie shows of all time. Due to its raging success, the franchise has managed to accumulate hoards of fans from every corner of the globe, all waiting on tenterhooks for the next zombie-filled episode to fill their screens. However, alongside constructing an arguably strong fanbase, the franchise has managed to make a considerable amount of money.

According to ,  for the year 2019, and $22.3million dollars for  If you factor in elements such as merchandise and other sources of revenue, it's clear to see that the franchise as a whole is worth a hefty amount.

Despite being worth such a large amount, the franchise still continues to expand, with the show having already had several spinoffs, such as  and and it looks like there could even be a movie in the pipeline.

When Was The Walking Dead Movie Announced?

 movie concept was officially announced in November 2018, after Rick was seen being flown away by a CRM helicopter in his final episode as the character. Since then, much speculation has built among fans, who have been clamoring to know more and more details about the potential movie.

In July 2019, a very  for the movie was subsequently released, which suggested that the movie would take place in Philadelphia. Since then, only slight clues have been revealed by cast members about the movie, which was rumored to still be in pre-production during 2020 due to delays. According to sources, part of the reason for the delay is that they really want to make sure that they 'get it right'.

Andrew Lincoln's last appearance as Rick Grimes was on November 4th, 2018 in the episode "", which suggests he may have been working on the movie now for quite some time, despite delays. Lincoln has revealed in the past that he has even  at times.

Fans have already been  will end, with many fans speculating that Rick Grimes will return for the final eleventh season in some shape or form. Until then, fans have yet to wait in anticipation to see how the story will wrap up - at least for now.

Is There Still Going To Be A Walking Dead Movie?

It appears that The Walking Dead movie seems to still be going ahead as planned, despite delays. This will come as pleasant news for many fans, who are still impatiently waiting for its release.

In February 2022,  where  is filmed, building excitement among fans that he may in fact have a cameo in the final season of the show, which could also leave clues about the highly-anticipated movie. It also hints that filming for the new movie could very well be underway.

As for the storyline, hints have been given here and there. AMC confirmed in 2018 that the movie will pick off from the moment Rick Grimes departed the show in season 9, with the AMC blog hinting that we will witness Rick explore new corners of the zombie apocalypse. Danai Gurira who plays the role of Michonne also left the show, as her character went to search for Rick, which suggests that she may also make an appearance in the movies.

In , we saw a new larger group called the CRM (). We also saw Jadis, who has previously featured in later seasons of the show. This overlap between the two shows hints at a , as in Rick's final episode he was seen being taken away in a CRM helicopter, where we also saw Jadis.

How Does The World Beyond Foreshadow The Walking Dead Movie?

Throughout the entirety of fans have been given many hints and clues that potentially foreshadow the storyline for the new  movie. As mentioned earlier, it looks like Jadis could potentially appear in the new movie, as she refers to Rick being a 'B' rather than an 'A', which suggests she knows his whereabouts.

Later in the series, it is unveiled that the CRM is actively working on some kind of 'cure'. This could have the potential to be featured in the movies, although nothing has been officially confirmed yet. In the final episode of we also saw fast-moving zombies, with the words '' written in French written near the ceiling. This could foreshadow that there may be ties to Europe that may come to light in the movie - however, this is just speculation.

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