My Two-Year-Old Daughter Goes On Her Ipad For Hours Each Day!

A mother sparked a debate on a British forum Mumsnet after admitting that she allows her two-year-old daughter to spend hours on her iPad every day. She believes that this screen time is beneficial for her daughter's language and numeracy skills. Some users expressed concerns about the high screen time usage, emphasizing the importance of healthy brain growth and emotional development.

However, others argued that as long as the child is viewing educational material, there is no issue with it. The mother highlighted her daughter's advanced abilities in language and numeracy, attributing them to the iPad usage. She also mentioned that her daughter engages in other activities, spends time outside, and is loved and cared for by her parents. Some users disagreed with the excessive screen time, stating that it can lead to behavioral issues and a lack of real-world social interaction.

They criticized it as lazy parenting and considered it damaging to the child's development. On the other hand, some users sympathized with the mother and offered suggestions to reduce the screen time gradually. They recommended co-viewing activities and educational content to make it less addictive and more beneficial. Ultimately, the debate highlighted the different views and concerns regarding the impact of excessive screen time on young children's development.

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