Salma Hayek Credits Meditation And Frequency Machines For Good Looks!

Salma Hayek, the 56-year-old actress, attributes her youthful appearance to meditation and frequency machines, as she revealed in a recent podcast interview. She clarified that she has never used Botox, much to the amazement of the interviewer, Kelly Ripa. Hayek explained that her meditation practice is unique, as it involves feeling the energy inside her body.

She also uses radio frequency and micro-frequency machines to tighten her skin, which she believes work better for her due to her meditation practice. When she strays from her meditation routine, she notices the effects on her face and overall physical health. Despite her skepticism, her husband occasionally acknowledges the benefits of her anti-aging routine. In addition to her beauty practices, Hayek also revealed that she uses an ingredient called Tepezcohuite from Mexico, which is known for its skin-regenerating properties.

She expressed her surprise that many in the US had never heard of it. Salma Hayek is known for her timeless beauty and has often been questioned about her use of Botox, but she maintains that she has never undergone any such procedures. She is currently involved in various film projects and will star in Angelina Jolie's upcoming film Without Blood. Overall, Hayek remains committed to her holistic approach to beauty and believes that her meditation practice and frequency machines are instrumental in maintaining her youthful appearance.

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