The 10 Most Bizarre People in the World

There are quite a few people in this world who make it difficult for us to believe that they actually do exist in this same planet and are so bizarre. They have a lot of weirdness or do strange things which help make them find a place in this list. If you already are keen on learning about them and just cannot wait, then start scrolling down.

10. Cathie Jung – World's smallest waist

Cathie Jung – smallest waist in the world.

Strange people quite often make sure they have some such weird attributes that help make them stand out in the crowd. They generally win some type of record-breaking competition and quite deservingly so. Surely, they also work hard to win the competition and reach that level. One such person that certainly deserves a mention is Cathie Jung who is known for having the smallest waist. If you are wondering how small this 'small' is, then you would be surprised to know it is 15 inches. You read that right, while you were trying hard to get closer to even 24 inches, someone has managed to leave you far behind and reach 15.

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9. Ngoc – Three decades without sleep

Thai Ngoc – The sleepless manYet another bizarre person living on this earth is called Ngoc. What makes him strange? Well, he is a Vietnamese insomniac. He has got no sleep at all for about 30 years. Naturally, it is insomnia that does not let him sleep, but what is weird is that he functions almost as normally as most other people. He is able to do quite a lot of farm work too. It is true he does need a bit of medical help and that is quite obvious as getting no sleep for three decades can invite a lot of physical and emotional trouble.

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8. Lal Bihari – The man who fought for 19 years to prove that he is alive.

Lal Bihari – The man who fought for 19 years to prove that he is alive.

Alive but declared dead? Though this may seem to be a plot/situation of some horror movie, it is something a real person has experienced, though there is nothing scary about it. Lal Bihari was born in Uttar Pradesh, India. One day he went to file for a loan and it is then that he realized that the government of India has declared him dead a long ago. This was a result of a conspiracy of some evil uncle and Lal Bihari then had to fight legal battles just to prove that a living man is alive.

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7. Mehran Karimi Nasseri – Lives at the Airport since 1988

Mehran Karimi NasseriThe next in this list is a man, an Iranian refugee known as Mehran Karimi Nasseri. He has been residing in the airport ever since 1988. This man actually has set up his permanent residence in the Charles de Gaulle airport. Even the movie Terminal is based on the story of this man because he had no choice but to live there for an indefinite period as his papers were not in order. He established himself in the airport's departure area and is said not to speak much.

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6. Yoshiro Nakamatsu – Man Photographs Every Single Meal He Eats For 34 Years

Dr. Yoshiro NakamatsuIf you think you are the most enthusiastic person, this man surely will prove you wrong. Nakamatsu has proven no one can beat him as far as enthusiasm goes. For the last 34 years, he decided to take pictures of all the food he eats for a strict analysis. He has taken upon this endeavor just to make sure his food is well analyzed – weird, is it not?

5. Timothy Dumouchel – Man who sue TV company for making his wife fat and lazy

Man who sue TV company for making his wife fat and lazyNow, people in America can move to court for so many different and even small reasons, that it is possible for almost every single person to sue someone for a lawsuit. However, the most bizarre one is that filed by a person called Timothy Dumouchel. He actually sued a TV company for making his wife put on weight. What he argues against the company will both make you laugh and be shocked. He said that sitting on the couch for an extended period and surfing channel was making his wife fat, and it was the television company that was responsible for the situation.

4. Michel Lotito – Man who can eat everything

Michel Lotito – Man Who Ate An Airplane And Everything Else.

A human who can eat everything – Michel Lotito, is someone most people are aware of. This Hungarian born man has set records many a time and deservingly so. He can eat metal, rubber, just about anything, and still survives. He has not only eaten cars and cycles but an entire aircraft. Despite having such a strange diet he has never fallen seriously ill. This perhaps is because of the fact that his intestine line is such that can resist any type of poisoning from any kind of food, well, if they can be called food at all.

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3. Supatra "Nat" Sasuphan – World's hairiest girl

Supatra 'Natty' Sasuphan – World's hairiest girl.

The hairiest teenager from Thailand, Supatra was diagnosed with a very rare condition which makes hair grow in those places where they generally do not. It is true that this made things difficult for her many a time, but she does not find herself different from others and her condition does not really bother her.

2. Sanju Bhagat – Man With Twin Living Inside Him

Sanju Bhagat – Man With Twin Living Inside HimA farmer from India, Sanju Bhagat, lived his entire life with a bulging stomach. Everyone started saying that he was pregnant and teased him. Little did they know that what they were saying was in a way true. When Sanju was 36 he found it difficult to breathe because of his growing stomach. He was then sent to the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai for an emergency surgery. Doctors thought that he may have a tumor but when they started operating him they realized that it was a medical condition of the fetus in a fetus. This is a case where a fetus gets trapped inside its twin. So basically, Sanju was carrying the mutated body of his twin brother for a full 36 years.

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1. Matayoshi Mitsuo – Japan's Crazy Christ!

He is JesusSo, Japan too has its share of bizarre people with bizarre thoughts. One such popular person is Mitsuo, who says he is Jesus Christ, the Almighty God, and that his teachings will help bring a new world order.

You too must have seen many strange people in your lives and believed that no one could be as weird as them, but this list of the 10 most bizarre people in the world must have changed your viewpoint for sure.

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