Murder Suspect Escapes Prison Using Bed Sheets After Evading Capture for Weeks!

A murder suspect named Michael Charles Burham has recently escaped from a prison in Pennsylvania. Burham, who was being held on arson and burglary charges, was last seen wearing an orange/white striped jumpsuit, a denim jacket, and Crocs shoes. He managed to escape by using bed sheets tied together to lower himself from the prison roof. Authorities have launched a search operation using motorized vehicles, K-9 units, drones, and aircraft. Burham is considered dangerous, and the public has been urged to report any suspicious activity.

The search has expanded throughout the county and into areas of New York, with the Pennsylvania State Police taking charge. Prior to his escape, Burham was wanted for rape and unlawful imprisonment charges, and he had also kidnapped an elderly couple at gunpoint, resulting in carjacking and kidnapping charges. He was eventually captured in South Carolina after a multistate manhunt. Burham is also a suspect in a murder and rape case that occurred in Jamestown, NY. Authorities have warned against approaching Burham and advised people to call 911 if they spot him.

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