A Star Reveals Fear 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Answers Key Questions About Morgan That You Must Ignore!

Fear the Walking Dead star Lennie James says season 8 of the long-running Walking Dead spinoff will answer many key questions about Morgan.

star Lennie James says season 8 will answer key questions about Morgan that have to do with his ultimate fate. Season 7 of 's long-running spinoff ended with Morgan trying to rescue his daughter Mo from the mysterious group known as PADRE. He, alongside returning character Madison Clark, is blindfolded and taken by boat to wherever PADRE operates from.

Speaking with  (via ), James says  will see many key questions about Morgan get answered. The questions he posits have to do with Morgan's final fate in the show, and whether he will live or die. Check out what James has to say below:

Well, this is the Walking Dead universe. There is no life without struggle in this world that we’ve created. There is no happiness without pain. This final season, for me, was, 'What does Morgan live for, or what does Morgan die for?' I think that is the mission for season eight. If he achieves what he set out to do – which was to take care of the people that he cared about most – where does that leave him? Does that leave him walking away? Or does that leave him in a puddle of blood on the floor, possibly about to turn? I think they’re unavoidable questions and unavoidable possibilities for this man. In season eight, we address those questions head on. And that’s what I wanted for Morgan. I wanted his finale to be an answer to those questions.

Will Fear The Walking Dead End Morgan's Story?

season 8 will see Morgan return to his roots, as trailers for the final season reveal PADRE is operating out of Georgia. It appears Morgan will channel Rick Grimes in the season as well, quoting him during a trailer. Promos have also shown the house Morgan stayed in during season 1, episode 1, underscoring how saving Mo may be his final mission.

Since Morgan will be returning to Georgia, his mission to save Mo acts as a poetic ending to his survival story. It was during his time in Georgia at the start of the apocalypse that Morgan lost his son, Duane, who he was unable to protect from Walkers. Now that Mo has been kidnapped by PADRE, Morgan will stop at nothing to save her, possibly costing him his life.

While season 8 could see the ,  franchise is just starting to expand. With three spinoffs about popular characters from and a new anthology show on the horizon, Morgan might still have a future beyond 's final season, should the spinoff ultimately leave his character arc unresolved.

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