5 'The Walking Dead' Character Deaths That Hit Fans The Hardest EXPOSED!


The show's name implies that death plays a significant role, but some character deaths have left a lasting impact on fans and continue to be mourned even as time passes.

 has never been particularly merciful to fans' hearts… or to its own characters, as some of them have left the show in the most brutal way possible. Here is a look at five deaths that fans are still struggling to process.


One of the hardest-hitting deaths in The Walking Dead was the demise of Hershel in season 4 episode Too Far Gone, when Rick's failure to negotiate with the Governor leads the latter to utter the chilling "liar" and decapitate Hershel using Michonne's katana.


Fans were heartbroken as they witnessed the brutal execution. According to the fandom, Hershel (along with Dale) was one of the most peaceful members of the group.


The death of Tyreese Williams was particularly heart-wrenching for fans because he actually had the chance to be saved. When he got bit by Noah's zombified brother in the hand, Noah was quick to put the  down. Even though Ty was bit by another walker shortly after that, Michonne came up with the idea to amputate his arm to stop the infection from spreading.


However, the endeavor proved to be vain, because Tyreese ended up dying from blood loss, with Michonne having to stab him before he could be reanimated. Instead of saving him, his friends have only caused more pain and suffering.


Glenn's death was so heartbreaking for fans that some of them deliberately skipped it. In season 6 finale/season 7 premiere, it is Negan who pummels Glenn and Abraham to death using Lucille.

Some people were so taken aback by the brutal death they even stopped watching the show for months.



Carl is the character who you might know even if you have never watched The Walking Dead. The young hero died at 14, when he got bit by a walker in season 8 as he tried to help Siddiq honor his mother by killing zombies, hoping that at least their souls can be released.

Fans got furious when The Walking Dead killed Carl off, not just because many fans grew up with him, but also over how unfair it was to the universe's future.



Merle, who died in season 3 when he tried to ambush the Governor and kill him himself (and failed), was a heavy loss for fans even though he was not the nicest character in the show. His death was particularly emotional because of his relationship with his brother Daryl, who was the first person to see Merle as a walker after the Governor killed him.

It was also Daryl who had to brutally put zombified Merle down – all while crying uncontrollably. Many fans noted that Daryl has never shown such an emotion after that heartbreaking scene.



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