Soldier who went missing while wife died is CLEARED by military

A US soldier named Spc. Craig Chamberlain, aged 23, has been cleared as a person of interest in the death of his transgender wife, Cameron. Craig, who was stationed at Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) in Texas, stopped showing up for duty in March without his wife's knowledge. On May 15, after lying about reporting to the military base for two months, he left their home in Killeen and didn't return. Cameron reported him missing to the police and the base. She was tragically found dead inside their home on May 25. The US military launched an investigation into her death but has ruled out Craig's involvement as a person of interest, even though the autopsy is still pending.

The circumstances surrounding Craig's disappearance and Cameron's death remain unclear. The couple married in October 2020 after meeting on a dating app and lived together near the base. Fort Cavazos has faced previous incidents, including the high-profile case of servicewoman Vanessa Guillen's brutal beating. The base has been under scrutiny due to various murders and deaths that have occurred there. The Army is leading the investigation into Cameron's death, while the Killeen Police Department is referring all inquiries to the military.

When Craig resurfaced in the area on May 26, a day after Cameron's body was discovered, he was reportedly covered in bruises according to his parents. However, it is unknown where he is currently located or what he has publicly stated about his whereabouts. Friends of Cameron expressed concerns that she became suicidal after being left alone without money for food and struggling to get support from friends or the army.

The details of the case are still unfolding, and it remains to be seen what the final conclusions of the investigations will reveal regarding Cameron's death and Craig's involvement.

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