Don't Miss! NEW 'The Walking Dead: Dead City' Images Show Maggie And Negan Prepare To Face The Undead!

The new images show Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, and Gaius Charles.

Years following the death of her husband Maggie once again is forced to work alongside her husband's killer, this time in New York City. Following a few and first-looks, AMC has released four of the upcoming spin-off .

Lauren Cohan and  Jeffrey Dean Morgan return as Maggie and Negan in the highly anticipated spin-off . Following the kidnapping of her son Marshall, the only thing she has left of her husband Glenn ( Steven Yeun), Maggie is forced to travel to New York City to hunt down the people that took her son. Though it has not been fully revealed as to why , the  does showcase Maggie telling someone "you are key to getting him back," in reference to finding her son. The new set of images showcase a new ruthless character Perlie Armstrong ( Gaius Charles) roaming the city streets with a bloodied head. Armstrong is a marshal hunting down Negan to make him pay for his crimes with the Saviors.

The spin-off takes place two years after the main show's finale. The six-episode series is set in aas it is overrun by herds of zombies and other unimaginable threats. Survivors will face the dead and the living in equal measure, and as we've learned from past experiences in the main series, the living can be a bigger threat than the dead. For now, the dead also appear to a big threat with newer, .

Will Maggie Forgive Negan in The Walking Dead: Dead City?

It is with no surprise that the spin-off will centralize on the relationship between Maggie and Negan, especially following their final conversation in the main show. Maggie has been eaten away by hatred towards Negan for years and has attempted to kill him many times.  on the other hand has tried to turn  including by saving what is most precious to Maggie. However, Maggie has been unable to forgive Negan much less fully trust him, but when push comes to shove the two make a great team. It's only fit writers  Eli JorneBreanna Kouf and  Keith Staskiewicz continue to explore the two's relationship.