Amazing! a Tictoker Shares She Has 11 Kids With 8 Different Daddies — 'i’m Not Ashamed, It’s An Advantage'!


She’s got a bevy of baby daddies and she doesn’t care who knows it.

A Tennessee woman has hit back at haters who have criticized her for having 11 children with eight different men, saying she’s not ashamed of her unconventional family.

The Memphis mama, is frequently fielding questions about her children’s fathers on the social media site, where she has clocked up close to 100,000 followers.

In a back in August, Phi said there were even advantages to having so many men around. “Let me explain it,” she said. “If you have one and you take away one, you have zero but if you have eight and you take away three, you still have five.”


”If I only had one baby daddy and he [happened to] leave or die my kids would be fatherless,” she said. “But if I have eight and three were to leave or die my kids still have five dads.”

Phi has not disclosed the names or ages of her 11 children, and her own age is not not known.

However many viewers were less than impressed by the tattooed Tennessean’s bedroom behavior, and slammed her in the comments section beneath the clip.

“The only thing I learned here.. Is that birth control should be administered at a certain point when clearly there is a problem like above,” one declared.


“Once is a mistake. Twice is a choice. After that, it’s a habit,” another sassily stated.

Meanwhile, a third detractor chimed in by bluntly declaring: “For the love of God, stop reproducing!!!”

However, Phi says she wants to have even more children, responding: “I wanna have like another 19, just so I could make it even, 30.”

She later quipped that she finds the fathers on sites such as Craigslist, stating, “But that’s kinda played out now so I usually just like post on [Facebook] Marketplace… or if I see like an empty billboard, I’ll post an ad up there.”

Despite the jokes, the mom appears to have a good relationship with almost all of her children’s fathers.



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