So Cute! Little Chihuahua Sings From Her Heart With A Beautiful Voice!!!

Have you ever heard a dog singing?

Some of you might think it is not possible, but that would be because you haven't heard Beanie yet!

Beanie is a teacup chihuahua, and though she is quite tiny and cute, her personality is definitely larger than her size.

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She's one sweet doggie who just loves to sing!

In fact, her video was uploaded on YouTube as she was singing along to her human grandpa. Her voice is lovely as she soulfully sings to the tune of the song written just for her!

Beanie's amazing performance has captured the hearts of more than 3.2 million viewers in the video-sharing platform since it was uploaded in January 2020.

She's undeniably a star!

Some of us might find it unusual for a dog to sing, impossible even.

People might say she's just howling because she's in pain. Well, the American Kennel Club has clarified:

"Some people think dogs howl along to AC/DC or a Bach flute sonata because it hurts their ears, but if your dog was in pain, he'd most likely run away from the sound, hide, or cover his head. "

Beanie is most definitely not howling because she is in pain.

That easy smile on her face as she sang most definitely proves that she is one spoiled baby!

According to AKC, when dogs hear music or anything that somehow sounds like a howl, they have a high tendency to howl along as they are getting in touch with the wolf part of their selves, as researchers believed.

It's not because of pain or discomfort. It is just their natural response.

Other research even shares that dogs also have their own sense of pitch.

When they try to howl differently to a song you are singing, that would probably be their own way of joining in so their voice can be different based on the song they are singing with you.

Isn't she a talented pup?

Upon hearing Beanie's voice, people online could not help but think that she is doing more than just a howl.

Her performance is definitely a song sung beautifully! Her superstar aura has everyone gushing about this talented pup.

"She may belong to the teacup species, but her personality is the size of our universe," one viewer commented.

Another viewer shared how they could not believe that a pup is actually singing.

"This is the first 'singing' dog I've seen that really seems like she's trying to sing and not just crying/howling at crazy sounds…. So adorable!!"

She's pretty spoiled and she loves it.

Obviously, this little lady has everyone wrapped around her tiny paws.

Her charming smile and sweet voice are a combination anybody would have a hard time ignoring!

Dogs are known to perform better after getting rewards. Beanie most likely gets a lot of treats for being such an obedient and adorable puppy.

That's why everybody loves her even more!

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