6 Female Pirates Of The Caribbean Characters Who Could Lead Their Own Movie

Jack Sparrow is likely gone from for good, and the next best move for the franchise could be a female lead instead. This also seemed to be Diseney's thought since the studio began working on an idea that would feature actress Margot Robbie as the lead. However, this project is at a standstill, and by the time it is pulled from the bottom of a desk drawer somewhere, Robbie may no longer be able to take part. Therefore, another avenue for a female-led movie must be considered.

producer Jerry Bruckheimer has stated (via ) that the Robbie spin-off hasn't been tabled entirely but that other projects have been prioritized instead. He teased that the project would eventually see the light of day and feature a crew of female pirates. This could be an excellent angle for the franchise, which has focused predominantly on male characters. However, for the sake of cohesiveness, it could be better if the spin-off featured a familiar character instead of Robbie's new one—perhaps one of those already seen in .

6 Elizabeth Swann

Though Elizabeth Swann was technically a supporting character, she maneuvered through like a leading lady. The story in got started because of her, and she was vital in nearly every plot line within 's original trilogy. Despite this, . The King of the Pirates was left to watch her husband sail away, and the implication is that her adventures ended.

Elizabeth Swann was drawn to life at sea from the time she was a child, so it can be assumed that she wouldn't be content with waiting for Will to return once every decade. Therefore, it would be no stretch for a spin-off to see her leading her own crew. This would be especially effective if the movie were set during the years that Will was cursed to captain the Flying Dutchman. It would explain why Henry Turner knew his way around a ship in and give Elizabeth the opportunity for a new ending that better fits her spirit.

5 Angelica Teach

Angelica Teach, the daughter of the dreaded Blackbeard, was something of a in . She was clever, sassy, and a little tragic, which made her a decent character overall. Unfortunately, the change in gears from the original cast of the movies meant that wasn't as well received as its predecessors. Therefore, a spin-off led by Angelica might not interest fans as much as a character from the other movies.

Still, a lot was left unsaid about Angelica, who spent most of her time in being manipulated by Blackbeard. At the end of , Jack Sparrow tricked her into taking the remaining life of her father to save herself and left her on a deserted island. Audiences never found out what happened to her, and given her rage and likely need for revenge against Jack, it could be interesting to see her continued story in a spin-off. It could even keep the door open for a potential Jack Sparrow cameo.

4 Jack Sparrow’s Mother

Jack Sparrow's mother wasn't technically a character in the movies. All that is ever shown of her is her shrunken head, which Jack's father lovingly keeps on her person. The films never even revealed her name. However, this is precisely what makes her the perfect lead for a prequel spin-off. , including the story of his parents, is one that would likely draw audiences back to the franchise. Moreover, the hazy details surrounding Jack's mother would give the spin-off's writers a lot of creative wiggle room.

Since an actor never played the mysterious Mrs. Sparrow, it leaves casting wide open as well. In fact, if Margot Robbie is still interested in being a part of the franchise when the female-led spin-off finally happens, there's no reason she couldn't play Jack's mother when she was young. It's great to imagine that a badass pirate woman raised the famous captain of the Black Pearl, and seeing her adventures leading up to meeting, falling in love with, and having a child with Edward Teague could be a good deal of fun.

3 Carina Smyth (Barbossa)

Carina Smyth was one of the central characters of . She was the love interest of Will and Elizabeth's son, Henry Turner, and was later revealed to be the daughter of Captain Barbossa. She was brilliant and was often accused of being a witch because of her knowledge of science and math. She initially despised pirates, but she came around after learning the truth about Barbossa.

Like Angelica, Carina was part of a portion of that was widely rejected by audiences. Therefore, it's unlikely that the franchise would find much success in a spin-off led by the character. Still, there could be something in her relation to Hector Barbossa. It could be fun to see Carina begin to take after her father now that she holds less prejudice against pirates. Barbossa had been a classic scallywag through and through, and seeing that recreated in his daughter—especially one even more clever than him—could be worth a watch.

2 Anamaria

Anamaria never played a prominent part in the movies. In fact, she disappeared after . Still, the way she was set up in this story makes her the perfect female lead for a spin-off, and returning after so long could mean just the right dose of nostalgia to bring the franchise back from past failures. Anamaria was strong, stubborn, and passionate—but the best thing about her is that she wasn't just a traditional pirate.

Anamaria had been a smuggler who had the misfortune of getting wrapped up with Jack Sparrow. This cost her her ship, so she had been determined to tag along with the disgraced captain so she could collect what he owed. Anamria's occupation is unique among the other characters and could make a good premise for a new series. What's more, actress Zoe Saldana had proven herself a more than capable leading lady, and her success since she first played Anamaria could bring in new audiences.

1 Tia Dalma

When Tia Dalma was first introduced in , it was as another one of the many women that Jack Sparrow had found himself entangled with in the past. She was quirky, mysterious, and likable but nothing particularly special. However, the plot of revealed that she was much more than she appeared. She was actually the goddess Calypso—ruler of the sea—trapped in the body of a mortal woman. In the end, she wound up freed and summoned a maelstrom. However, once the storm cleared, she was never referenced again.

A movie led by Tia Dalma/Calypso would likely have a different tone than past movies. While Jack Sparrow was often called an antihero, Calypso would take this to a different level. The goddess is playful and romantic but also vengeful and terrible. Still, a film outlining how she became after being bound to a mortal body by the Brethren Court, or perhaps one exploring what happened to her after Davy Jones' death (which could explain why he is alive in the post-credit scene) could continue the story in a meaningful way.