Starbucks Barista Slams Customer's 'Drink Hack': 'We delete the order!'!


Starbucks employee, Barista Sinead Robbins, posted an image of a label showing a customer had purchased just a 5-cent bag in the online app, and then tried to include their whole drink order in the extra “order request” section.

The patron wrote, “Hi, could I please have a grande strawberry creme frap with no whipped cream and a strawless lid,” before adding in a chirpy “thank you!”

Robbins was not impressed by the app scheme.


“This is not a Starbucks hack,” the 22-year-old says in the clip, which has been viewed over 4.2 million times. “It was a little bit funny but it won’t work. We canceled the order.”

“Don’t do this,” added Robbins.

Many users couldn’t believe people genuinely tried this to save money.

“I would’ve poured the frappe into the bag,” one user wrote.

“Teenagers watching too many ‘hacks’ on TikToks lol,” laughed another.


“I worked at a restaurant and people would do this all the time and ask for extra food in the special instructions instead of paying for it??” another said in disbelief.

Others said they would have just made the order.

“Am I the only one who would actually make it for them?? And this is coming from someone who works at Starbucks,” one woman wrote.

“Same,” agreed another. “I don’t get paid enough to care.”



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