So Touching! Emotional Moment Military Dad Surprises Family

Emily Gerlach Klein, formally of Owensboro, surprised her children when Dad came home early from deployment. There's more behind the special video that's going viral. I spoke to Emily, to get the back story, and it will pull at your heartstrings.

Adam Klein has proudly served in the military for eighteen years and has missed many milestones with his family. As a matter of fact, Emily Gerlach Klein met her husband, and moved to Texas, because of his service. Then they started their big beautiful family.

Cora is the youngest of their five children and has Down syndrome. Adam has had two deployments since Cora was born. And, it's the 3rd deployment in 5 years for the family. It's been hard on the everyone. Emily had to have emergency surgery last month which put a strain on the household. Luckily, Adam was able to come home on emergency leave to help with the family. Because he's in the middle of his deployment, he'll have to go back in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, the family will stay #HealthyatHome and #HappyatHome together. Emily said it's so important to make memories while we have the chance.

Emily didn't tell the kids that their Daddy would be coming home, so it was a beautiful homecoming, captured on video. Thea 12, Zane 9, and Cora 2 received a much needed surprise. As you can tell, sweet Cora was a little hesitant. Emily explained that with Adam gone so much, and her Down syndrome, it takes her a while to understand it all. She did add that Cora lit up when she saw him the next day. She said it pulled at her heartstrings. Ours as well. 

Isn't Cora just adorable. What a sweetheart. Out thoughts and prayers are with the Klein family during these difficult days. Thank you Adam for your service to our country. We'll pray for your safety during deployment. Your beautiful family will be waiting.

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