Worried Cops Share Fresh Details About Missing 12-Year-Old Girl!

A 12-year-old schoolgirl named Pepper Stern has gone missing from the affluent suburb of Vaucluse in Sydney, Australia. She was last seen at around 11.15am on Tuesday in the residential Girilang Avenue. Despite over 24 hours passing since her disappearance, there has been no sign of her, leading the police to express concerns for her safety. Pepper had been residing in a nearby street in Vaucluse before she went missing.

She was last spotted outside a business, but there were no witnesses who saw any unusual activity at the time of her disappearance. The local community, including the Jewish House organization and several rabbis, have taken to social media to appeal for public help in finding her. However, it was clarified that Pepper is not a student at a Jewish school in the area.

Girilang Avenue is a quiet street lined with palatial houses that can sell for up to $10 million. The area is known for its high-priced real estate and luxurious lifestyle. It is unclear why Pepper was in the area during school hours, and there were no sightings of her on the busy New South Head Road nearby. Pepper is described as 162cm tall with long brown curly hair. She was last seen wearing black tracksuit pants, an orange jumper, and white joggers. She is also known to frequent the Glebe area in Sydney's inner-west.

As the search for Pepper enters its second night, the fear for her safety grows among the authorities. The police have been unable to find any leads or traces of her whereabouts, leaving the community deeply concerned about her well-being.

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