Diner Fuming When The Pizza She Ordered Is Delivered Missing Slices!

A new mother, Kellie Lewis, ordered a large, stuffed-crust pizza from Domino's and was shocked to find three slices missing when it was delivered. Believing that the delivery driver had eaten the missing slices, Kellie contacted Domino's and spoke to the branch manager, who allegedly dismissed her complaint. Kellie, who hadn't eaten all day, couldn't bring herself to eat the pizza and threw it away.

She called Domino's again the next day, but received no response. Kellie, a former employee of Domino's, expressed her frustration and stated that she would not order from them again. After sharing a picture of the pizza on Facebook, the issue gained attention and Domino's eventually reached out to Kellie, offering vouchers as a gesture of goodwill. However, Kellie expressed doubt about using the vouchers and criticized Domino's for only taking action after journalists got involved.

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