Unexpected! 10+ Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Were Gay!

1. Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson came out by accident in 2005 when she kissed her girlfriend at the time, Cherry Jones after she had won a Tony award. According to Sarah, she did not intend to out herself but it rather just happened as she did what anybody would naturally do when they win a great big acting prize- kiss the one they love.

2. Natalie Morales

The former Parks And Recreation star came out on Twitter in June 2019 during pride month. The actress says that her life is a whole lot less complicated since she decided to come out and she feels newfound freedom and appreciation for life. Natalie also placed a link to a longer article in which she discusses her reasons for only coming out now.

3. Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter announced that he is bisexual during a Hollywood Life podcast, however, his remarks were somewhat confusing since he later backpedaled and said that the remarks he made were misconstrued. Aaron has said that he doesn’t see himself with a man anytime soon and that he would like to have a wife and children one day. We salute him for being brave enough to come out and share his bisexual status on a public platform.

4. Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller is well known for his ability to send hearts fluttering, especially lady-hearts. Wentworth, however, is also an out and proud gay man and he announced his sexual orientation in an open letter that he wrote to GLAAD in September 2013. Initially, Wentworth denied his sexuality but later he took a stand by declining to attend the St. Petersburg film festival due to personal concerns regarding the way that the Russian authorities treat LGBT people. We think this is a very brave thing to do and commend Wentworth for taking a stand against the conventional.

5. Reid Ewing

Reid Ewing, better known as Dylan from Modern Family, confirmed his sexuality in a totally nonchalant way via Twitter. When a fan asked Reid if he is coming out of the closet on Twitter, he simply responded that he was never in the closet, to begin with. We think this is a simple but effective way, well done Reid! Reid also followed this tweet up with another one, just in case there was any confusion! Short, sweet and to the point.

6. Shannon Purser

Shannon Purser’s road to understanding her sexuality has been a difficult journey. According to the star, she only recently came out as bisexual to her family and friends. In response to a barrage of tweets from Riverdale fans who were upset about a same-sex kiss scene in the show, the star inadvertently confirmed her own sexuality. Shannon has since openly confirmed the fact that she is bisexual and she now living life on her terms and conditions.

7. Haaz Sleiman

Haaz Sleiman came out in a bold way when announced that he is a gay, Muslim and Lebanese man. The Lebanese actor also announced that he will destroy anyone who decides to attack him simply because he is a gay man. This stern warning came after several acts of violence were perpetrated against gay men in his native Lebanon. All we can say to Haaz is kudos for your brave and bold statement.

8. Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons, like many others, was a bit nervous about coming out at first but according to him that all changed when he met his husband. He says that he immediately knew that he had to come out in order to live a free life, and so he did. He confirmed that he was indeed gay in an offhand-piece in the New-York Times. In a manner befitting Sheldon Cooper, Jim simply stated the facts and moved on to live his life completely open and true to himself.

9. Daniel Newman

It seems like Twitter is a popular platform for celebrities to come out as gay, Daniel Newman also used the social media platform to tell the world that he was out and proud. The Walking Dead star says that he was never really in the closet but rather just preferred to keep his private life private. According to Daniel, he grew up in a very conservative Georgia household in which announcing your sexual identity to the world was not an option.

10. Ellen DeGeneres

This famous star hardly needs any introduction, Ellen is known worldwide as an out and proud lesbian but it wasn’t always this way. Ellen came out in 1997 during an episode of her show, titled the Ellen show, and her revelation sparked huge media interest which led to Ellen becoming depressed and experiencing stunted personal growth. However, Ellen overcame these obstacles and continued to become a highly successful television personality. Ellen has since married Portia de Rossi and lives happily and openly gay.

11. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is well known and loved for his catchy hits that include songs like “Livin la Vida Loca” and “She Bangs”. Ricky Martin officially came out as gay in an open letter that he had written and then published on his website and in Roling Stone magazine. The star and his husband have twin boys and Martin felt that he owed it to them to live an open and honest life, especially where his sexuality is concerned.

12. Colton Haynes

According to Colton Haynes, he had known that he was gay ever since the first grade but he did not come out until the age of 27 for fear that it might have had negatively impacted his acting career. In response to a tweet from a fan, Haynes confirmed his sexuality and outed himself to the public. He later went on to reveal more personal details about himself, such as the fact that his father committed suicide because Colton is gay.

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