Pregnant Zoo Orangutan's Morning Sickness Soothed by Caretaker's Pregnancy Tea: 'She Loved it' !

Eirina, a pregnant orangutan at the Denver Zoo, was experiencing morning sickness and discomfort early in her pregnancy. Her caretaker, Cindy Cossaboon, noticed that Eirina was eating less and had low energy. Cossaboon, who has been looking after Eirina since her arrival at the zoo in 2016, tried various natural remedies but none worked. Then she remembered a pregnancy tea she had during her own high-risk pregnancy.

With approval from Eirina's zoo team, Cossaboon started brewing the tea for the orangutan. Eirina loved it from the first sip and now has a morning tea routine. Since drinking the tea, Eirina's mood and health have improved. She is still interested in attention and activity as she enters the final stage of her pregnancy. Cossaboon predicts that Eirina will give birth before school starts.

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