Soldier's Father: Bring My Son, And Everyone Else's, Home From Afghanistan!

In "Soldier's Father: Bring My Son, And Everyone Else's, Home From Afghanistan," the father of a soldier serving overseas expresses his growing doubts about the prolonged war effort. He highlights the increasing number of American casualties and draws a comparison to the Vietnam War's Tet Offensive. The father questions the justification for sacrificing lives and resources when the outcome seems bleak.

The rising phenomenon of "green on blue" shootings, where Taliban sympathizers turn against NATO military trainers, is seen as a grave concern. These incidents, often overshadowed by other news, highlight the ongoing challenges faced by coalition forces. Despite claims of progress, the enemy continues to wage war effectively.

With thousands of troops stationed in Afghanistan, the father questions the rationale behind an extended presence after 2014. Osama bin Laden has been eliminated, and the remaining threats can be addressed through alternative means. The focus should shift to training Afghan forces and allowing them to take responsibility for their own security.

The father acknowledges that some Afghan units have shown promise, but many others remain unprepared even after years of drilling. Joint operations have been curtailed due to the rise in insider attacks, forcing increased security measures for American personnel. This raises doubts about the feasibility of a sustainable partnership with Afghanistan.

Reflecting on a book by Rory Stewart, the father emphasizes the primitive and disconnected nature of much of Afghanistan. The loyalty of its people often lies within their own villages and tribes. Considering these realities, he questions the future prospects of a continued military presence.

In conclusion, the soldier's father calls for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. He urges policymakers to prioritize the well-being of soldiers and their families and reevaluate the effectiveness of ongoing military efforts. It is time to bring his son, and all the soldiers, back home from Afghanistan.

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