Days of our Lives Bygones: Should Chloe Lane Forgive Xander?

OK, so we all remember that Xander left Chloe Lane to deal with a Mexican drug lord for months on Days of our Lives. He kept her from her family, including her son, all because Xander needed to make off with some ill-gotten gains. But, hey, she…um…she pierced his manly, muscular chest with the tip of a dart. So…we should call it even? Does the Kiriakis black sheep deserve her forgiveness?

We get that Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) is the forgiving sort. Look at everything she's forgiven Brady (Eric Marstolf) for! Nicole (Arianne Zucker), too. But Xander (Paul Telfer) is a horse of a different color, 13% object.

They had no formerly positive relationship to look back on when times got rough. And they shouldn't be moving forward, either. The guy betrayed Sarah (Linsey Godfrey), a woman who was supposedly the love of his life. He'll ruin Chloe's life in an instant if given the chance.

Keep Your Distance Chloe Lane

She can forgive him, but she doesn't have to be friends with him, a still resentful 22% huff. She can be polite, and she can certainly apologize for the dart incident, but there is no reason for it to go any further than that. Xander is bad news. No matter what he looks like shirtless.

Days of our Lives  New Man For Chloe Lane

Then again, a winning 65% of the audience isn't holding Xander's past against him — so why should Chloe? Does she even remember her days as an opera-singing hostage? She certainly never mentions it. Bonnie (Judi Evans) had PTSD from her time being kidnapped by Xander dressed as a clown, but Chloe's mental health seems pretty solid. So no harm done, right? Go for it, guys. Wipe the slate clean and look towards the future — forget the past!

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