Ben and Ciara got engaged, and Rolf told Gabi that Jake was Stefan

Ben proposed to Ciara, and Hope gave them her blessing. Sarah gave Rachel to Kristen. Kristen took Rachel and left Brady. Rolf told Gabi that Jake was Stefan, and he made her a deal for the serum. Ben took the serum from Gabi, and he handed it over to Marlena. Abigail's hallucinations grew worse. Ben told Jake about his past. Eli covered for Lani. A jury found Evan guilty. Zoey told Rafe that Orpheus had killed Adrienne and that Maggie was innocent. Sarah forgave Maggie. Maggie sent a goodbye letter to Victor. Chad asked Ben for help with Gabi.

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Sarah tries to flee from Paris with Rachel

Monday, May 11, 2020

by Mike

At the auto repair shop, Ben and Ciara challenged Jake to explain what was going on with the thugs, who had clearly been looking for something specific.

"I don't know what else to tell you. [Like I said before], I don't know who [those] guys were -- or what they wanted," Jake maintained, but Ben and Ciara were both certain that wasn't true. "[Ben] took a beating for you -- the least you could do is be honest with him [about why]," Ciara stressed. "If my answer's not good enough, Ben's free to walk," Jake countered. Outraged, Ciara started to argue with Jake about the matter, but Ben quickly interrupted. "I need this job, [so] I'm not gonna force you to tell me what's going on...[but] those guys clearly mean business, so whatever mess you're mixed up in, it's not going away anytime soon," Ben said to Jake.

Ben and Ciara soon left the shop and returned to the Salem Inn, where they continued to discuss what had happened earlier.

Ben remained determined to continue working at the shop, despite Ciara's concerns about the obvious danger, because it would probably be impossible to find another place in Salem that would hire the Necktie Killer, of all people. "I can take care of myself," Ben assured Ciara between groans of pain while undressing. "Yeah, okay -- but if something were to happen to you --" Ciara tried to argue. "Nothing is going to happen to me...[but] if something does happen, then you can say 'I told you so,'" Ben reasoned. "Not if you're dead," Ciara pointed out. "You can put it in your eulogy," Ben joked, but Ciara wasn't amused.

Ben quickly changed the subject, telling Ciara to change clothes so they could go somewhere for dinner. Ben then stepped into the bathroom to take a shower, refusing to give Ciara any additional details about their dinner date. Later, Ben took Ciara to the park then rushed off to the town square to get Chinese food and flowers. "Just like on our first date!" Ciara recalled when Ben returned. "You know, it is kind of funny -- [I mean], we were celebrating, on our first date, me getting a job with Stefan --" Ben noted. "And now we're celebrating you getting a job with Stefan's look-alike," Ciara concluded for Ben.

"[Who is] just as dangerous, apparently -- [I mean], can't you just get a job with some sweet old woman or something?" Ciara continued. "At least I have a job!" Ben pointed out. "Technically, I'm not even unemployed, [because] I never quit Titan, [so]...ha!" Ciara countered. "And, you know, right now is not exactly the perfect time to quit," Ciara decided, and Ben agreed.

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