From farm to hospital: Former chief of US Army Nurse Corps driven by life's challenges!

As a young Army nurse, 2nd Lt. Clara Leach faced challenges in the intensive care unit at Fort Dix, New Jersey. She questioned a rule requiring nurses to stand whenever a physician entered the room, realizing it hindered her productivity. When the chief of surgery confronted her for not standing, she calmly explained her reasoning. Ultimately, the rule was changed. Leach embraced challenges, and this determination continued to drive her forward.

Growing up on a tobacco farm in North Carolina, Brig. Gen. Clara Leach Adams-Ender faced challenges that shaped her work ethic. She learned resilience and the value of hard work from her parents. Despite financial constraints, she pursued nursing education with support from the Army Nurse Corps. She embraced the challenges of nursing and gained experience in intensive care units. Working overseas in South Korea, she prioritized self-care while caring for others.

Retired Brig. Gen. Clara Leach Adams-Ender dedicated 34 years to the Army, advocating for increased wages for nurses and establishing programs to support their education. She was inducted into the Army Women's Hall of Fame in 2019. Now residing in Virginia, she continues nursing practice and helping others. With nearly 7,000 Army nurses worldwide, she urges people to appreciate their efforts. National Nurses Week is observed from May 6-12, and May is recognized as National Nurses Month.


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