‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’: Maggie and Negan Set Their Differences Aside in New Teaser

Longtime foes Negan and Maggie, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, appear to be fighting for a common cause … at least for now.

In a new teaser shared by AMC for , Negan and Maggie get into a brief scuffle that leads them to momentarily put their differences aside to fight a mutual foe. “You don’t trust me. Hell, I wouldn’t trust me either,” Negan says as Maggie puts him in the back of her car, and a wanted poster for Negan flashes across the screen. As they travel through a sea of bodies (literally) to get to Manhattan, Maggie states she has a plan.

The last time Negan and Maggie were together, Negan’s guilt overwhelmed him. He apologized for everything that he had done to Glenn, and he knows he owes Maggie more than an apology.

Maggie makes it clear that although she’s grateful he saved Herschel, she can’t forgive him. Every time she sees him, she sees the guy that mocked Glenn’s pleas right in front of her. She knows he’s trying, and she is too, but she can’t forgive it.