California Mom, 27, Is Killed After Being Run Over By Lawnmower

A 27-year-old California mother, Christine Chavez, was tragically killed after being run over by a lawnmower while lying in a park. She was in Beard Brook Park in Modesto on July 8 when an employee cutting the grass accidentally ran her over with a John Deere tractor. Chavez's family was devastated when they discovered "big chunks" of her remains scattered on the ground.

Her father found pieces of her bones, including parts of her skull and teeth. Chavez, who was homeless at the time of her death, leaves behind a nine-year-old daughter who is now being cared for by her family. The park had recently been purchased by E & J Gallo Winery, and a landscaping contractor hired by the winery was responsible for the accident.

Grover Landscaping Services, the company that cut the grass at the park, also released a statement expressing their condolences and promising cooperation with any investigation. Chavez's family believes there may have been negligence involved in the accident and is determined to seek justice for their beloved daughter. Additionally, members of a homeless advocacy organization criticized the treatment of Modesto's homeless population and called for more affordable housing solutions to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. The family has started a fundraising campaign to support Chavez's daughter and seek justice for Christine.

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