Inside America's Most Inbred Family: Members Of West Virginia's Whittakers Family Would Bark At People And Only Communicate Through Grunts While Living In Squalor Overrun With Animals!

This article is about a filmmaker named Mark Laita who visited one of America's most inbred families, the Whittakers, in West Virginia. The Whittakers, who live in the village of Odd, have a history of inbreeding and are known for their unusual behavior, such as barking at people and communicating through grunts. Laita released a short film about the family on his YouTube channel, shedding light on their lives in poverty and the genetic complications they face.

Despite controversy and criticism, Laita also started a GoFundMe campaign to help improve the Whittakers' living conditions. However, some argue that the film perpetuates stereotypes about inbreeding in the region without providing proper support for the family. The article highlights the Whittakers' unique circumstances and the challenges they face due to their genetic issues and living conditions.

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