Therapy Dog Who Comforted U.S. Troops in the Middle East Now Needs Help Continuing Healing Work!

Musket, a former street dog, was adopted by U.S. troops and became one of the first Behavioral Health Service Canines for soldiers stationed in the Middle East. He provided comfort and support to soldiers during their deployments, becoming a beloved companion among the troops.

However, when the program unexpectedly ended, Musket's status as a therapy dog was revoked, and he was no longer allowed on the base. He was sent back to the pound and faced the risk of being euthanized. Concerned soldiers contacted Paws of War for help, and the nonprofit organization arranged for Musket to be transported from the Middle East to Canada.

Musket completed a 6-month quarantine and is now ready to be reunited with Captain H in America to continue his work as a therapy dog. Paws of War is raising funds to support Musket, ensuring that he has everything he needs to continue his important work.

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