South Dakota state rep calls Mount Rushmore a ‘Freemason shrine,’ ‘demonic portal’ for communism — and his revelation came from ‘The Lord’

South Dakota state representative Joe Donnell made bizarre claims about Mount Rushmore, stating that it is a "Freemason shrine" and a portal for communism. He claimed that his revelations came from "The Lord." Donnell believes that Mount Rushmore has a direct ley line to Washington, D.C., and that it serves as a gateway for demonic entities associated with communism. While two of the presidents featured on Mount Rushmore, Washington and Roosevelt, were Freemasons, Donnell's claims lack evidence and are considered conspiracy theories. The land on which Mount Rushmore stands is sacred to local Native Americans. Donnell's comments have drawn criticism, and the South Dakota Democratic Party has asked Governor Kristi Noem to denounce his statements.

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