‘We hugged for a long time’: the Ukrainian father who rescued his children from Moscow

Yevhen Mezhevyi, a Ukrainian father, managed to rescue his three children from Moscow after they were deported by Russian forces during the invasion of Ukraine. Mezhevyi's children were taken while he was held captive by Russian-backed separatists in Mariupol. After enduring a harrowing siege and living in a bomb shelter, Mezhevyi and his children were captured by Russian soldiers who discovered his military background. He was imprisoned for about 45 days before being released. When Mezhevyi discovered that his children had been transferred to a camp in Moscow, he embarked on a risky journey to rescue them. With the help of volunteers, he crossed into Russia and navigated through interrogations and bureaucracy to finally retrieve his children. They were reunited in the camp, where armed guards patrolled the premises. Eventually, Mezhevyi and his children made it to Latvia with the assistance of volunteers. Despite the absurdity of the documents the Russians forced his 13-year-old son to sign, including a custody request, Mezhevyi is grateful to have his children back and focuses on their reunion and being together again.

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