Tearjerking Moment When Military Dad Meets Son For The First Time At Patriot Awards

Servicemen and women put their lives and relationships on the line daily and when they return home it's the most wonderful moment. Videos of their sweet reunions undoubtedly bring you to tears but will leave you smiling at the end.

An Army captain surprised his family with an early surprise return from a deployment to the Middle East.

Captain John J. Klein III, a U.S. Army Signal Company Commander for the 34th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade, received a nomination for Fox Nation's Patriot Award for the Modern Warrior at this year's second annual Patriot Awards.

His wife and 3 children, including a four-month-old son born during deployment, were unaware of his return and were all set to accept the award on his behalf.

Veronica has been navigating her family through this year with the pandemic, virtual learning, and also giving birth to her third son alone. "We aren't the only families dealing with this," she said, "We love him, he's our hero, and we're just waiting for his return."

Moments later, John entered the room to the surprise of his family and made Veronica highly emotional, "What's up, boys?" John asked, picking up his two older sons. John then picked up his four-month-old for the first time, saying, "Hi little man, you're so big now."

Veronica joined her husband in accepting the Modern Warrior award. "I know there's a lot of other families out there, a lot of other soldiers that serve as well," John said, " so I'm gonna accept this on behalf of every single soldier that serves on my team." 

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