Tianna-Joy King: People Tease Me For Looking Like a Boiled Potato!

Tianna-Joy King, a burns survivor, has opened up about the horrific bullying she has endured throughout her life. At just 14 months old, Tianna-Joy was severely burned when her night light caught fire. Doctors initially declared that she would not survive, but she fought against all odds. However, her pain did not end there. She spent years in the hospital, undergoing numerous surgeries, and had to deal with constant physical and emotional pain. Tianna-Joy has been bullied her entire life, facing hurtful comments about her appearance.

She was even threatened by friends who said they would burn down her house for a second time. This constant bullying took a toll on her self-esteem, making her feel worthless. Despite this, Tianna-Joy has gradually built her confidence and surrounds herself with supportive people. Now, at 29 years old, she is hopeful about finding love, although she is scared of being a burden to someone because of her scars and ongoing health issues.

Despite her fears, Tianna-Joy strives to spread positivity and inspire others to love themselves. She believes that everyone is beautiful, regardless of their scars or physical appearance. Through sharing her story, she hopes to encourage others to embrace self-love and acceptance. Tianna-Joy's ultimate goal is to attend the Phoenix World Burns conference with her family and hopes to receive support for this endeavor.

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