Ventriloquist Who Owns 38 Puppets Opens Up About Her Search For Love!

This story revolves around April Brucker, a 38-year-old ventriloquist and TLC star who spends $50,000 per year on her collection of 38 puppets. April is looking for love after her engagement ended when her fiance demanded she give up her dolls. She desires to find a man who supports her passion for puppets and hopes to get married one day. April has received attention from male admirers across the globe, including prisoners. She shares an amusing encounter with a Croatian inmate who expressed his admiration for her and her puppets.

However, April acknowledges that marrying an inmate wouldn't go down well with her mother. Though she has yet to find Mr. Right, April remains optimistic and dreams of a wedding where her puppets are involved. Currently residing in Las Vegas, her busy life revolves around her puppet children, who also contribute to her decent income. April works hard to perfect her craft and dedicates herself to daily practice.

Despite the challenges of maintaining her puppets financially, April believes it is worth it because the puppets have opened doors for her career-wise. She has performed in various shows and released a book called "Don't Read My Lips" about ventriloquism. April's dedication to her passion might hinder her dating life, but she doesn't regret choosing her puppets over a romantic relationship. She believes it was the best decision she made for herself, as she has become a professional ventriloquist since then.

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