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Criminal Minds: Evolution Secretly Reveals When Gubler’s Reid Will Return!

Paramount+'s secretly reveals when Matthew Gray Gubler's Dr. Spencer Reid will return on the police procedural. The actor has yet to personally address why he isn't reprising his fan-favorite role as Reid on , though there are a few reports that provide possible explanations. There's more interest in the possibility that BAU's boy genius ultimately reunites with his FBI team and joins the hunt for the new UnSub, Elias Voit, however. While Paramount+ has yet to give a clear update about this, gives an idea on when Reid might appear on the show.

didn't waste time addressing Reid and SSA Matt Simmons' absence in the show, with Deputy Director Bailey shedding light on when they might come back. According to him, while he isn't at liberty to reveal what the pair is doing, he says that it's really up to them when they return to the FBI. This appears to be a meta-comment about the situation, as Gubler and Simmon's non-involvement boiled down to external factors and not because Paramount+ opted not to recruit them on the series. So, in the meantime, all can do is hopefully wait for them to rejoin the BAU.

Where Gubler’s Reid Is In Criminal Minds: Evolution

Paramount+ has yet to explicitly reveal , but it has dropped clues about what he is up to. Bailey, who is undermining the team for his personal gain, claims that Reid's current whereabouts are classified. While that makes sense considering the nature of their work, it's more likely that he is behind Reid's absence. Bailey's ultimate goal is to break up the BAU. Given Reid's importance to the BAU, separating him from the team could have been Deputy Director Bailey's scheme to undermine Prentiss and the profilers, which would make it easier for him to dismantle the cell.

Why Gubler Didn’t Really Return As Reid In Criminal Minds: Evolution

There was a presumption that it was Gubler’s choice that led to As his first acting gig, the actor appeared on all 15 seasons of the CBS police procedural, taking the majority of his time for a decade and a half. This made it difficult for him to pursue other endeavors. However, showrunner Erica Messer has clarified the real reason for Gubler's absence boils down to scheduling conflicts. Like Henney's Simmons, it just so happened that he was unable to during the filming period designated by Paramount+ so they decided to move forward without him.

Despite Gubler's non-involvement on the Paramount+ series, the great thing is that it is keeping the door open for . The genius profiler is technically still a member of the FBI specialized unit, which means that he can reclaim his spot in the team whenever the actor's schedule allows him to join the project. In any case, is planned to run for four years, giving Gubler plenty of time to return as Reid.

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