New dad sparks controversy after asking wife to change their baby's name

A dad has caused a stir online after admitting he wants to change his baby girl's name.

He said his three-week-old daughter's name is a bit uncommon - in the general family of Scarlett.

The new dad and his wife agreed on their baby girl's name when she was seven months pregnant, but the name is now causing problems.

The dad explained that his mother doesn't speak English and is struggling to pronounce her grandchild's name.

The dad shared on Reddit:

"We chose our daughter's name when my wife was 7 months pregnant but decided to keep it a secret until she was born. Since coming to America, my accent has slowly faded. My mom, however, cannot pronounce English names without a thick, thick accent.

"I didn't even think about this until after our baby had been born.

He said his mother "was completely unable to pronounce her name".

The man said his mother was "very embarrassed about it", but promised he would help her learn to pronounce it.

The mum has continued to struggle but calls her grandchild 'Mouse' in our native tongue.

"It doesn't make my wife happy, but it's been an okay compromise," he said.

However, during a family Zoom call, his mother addressed their daughter as 'Mouse' and his mother-in-law had a horrible reaction.

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