My Husband Had a Vasectomy At 34 So We Can Be Selfish Without Children!

Indi and Heraldo, a young couple from Sydney, have chosen to be child-free and embrace a lifestyle they describe as "selfish". They enjoy the freedom of not having children, allowing them to take naps whenever they want, go on spontaneous dinners, and travel without any commitments. The couple firmly believes that children are expensive and prefer to be selfish and spontaneous in their lives. To solidify their decision, Heraldo underwent a vasectomy just two weeks after they got married in 2022.

This was a key step for Indi to come off her birth control pills. While their families may be disappointed, Indi and Heraldo would rather regret not having kids than regret having them. They enjoy their DINK (dual income no kids) lifestyle, which allows them to focus on their careers and personal ambitions. Indi, a makeup artist and business coach, admits to being selfish and believes that having children would limit her ability to do what she wants, such as taking naps and going out for dinner whenever she pleases. She also cites financial reasons, expressing doubts about affording children.

Heraldo, a car salesman, shares in this sentiment and appreciates the stress-free life they have without kids. The couple originally met in 2018 when Heraldo, who had been in the Chilean army, moved to Australia to learn English. They bonded over conversations during Indi's lunch breaks at the bank where she worked, mostly using Google Translate to communicate. They were open about their mutual desire to remain child-free from the early stages of their relationship. Their typical day involves sleeping in, going to the gym together, and then heading to work. In the evenings, they enjoy walking their dogs and having uninterrupted dinners. On weekends, they often work together before taking an afternoon nap.

The couple takes at least one vacation each year and cherishes the spontaneity and freedom their child-free life affords them. Since getting married, Indi and Heraldo have encountered questions, disapproval, and disbelief from others about their decision not to have children. Nonetheless, they remain steadfast in their choice and prioritize their own happiness and fulfillment over societal expectations. They believe that life is a gift and that everyone should use it to write their own story. In conclusion, Indi and Heraldo have intentionally chosen a child-free lifestyle, embracing their DINK status. They value their freedom, spontaneity, and ability to be self-focused. Despite disappointing their families, they firmly believe that being selfish and child-free is the best choice for them.

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