Mother, 44, Died After Jumping From Window To Escape e-Scooter Fire!

Rebecca Downes, a mother-of-four, tragically lost her life after jumping from the third floor of her home to escape a fire caused by an exploding e-scooter battery. The incident occurred in Blackpool last year, sparking an inquest into her death. Her family remembered her for her kind and generous nature. The fire broke out at around 12:40 on July 6, 2022, after the e-scooter battery exploded while charging near the door. Rebecca's partner, Mr. Ramsey, described the terrifying moment when the battery ignited, sending sparks flying.

He recounted how they were trapped inside, as the battery kept exploding, creating a hazardous environment. Despite their best efforts, the fire engulfed the third floor of the house, forcing Rebecca to make a life-or-death decision. She jumped from the window, sustaining severe injuries in the process. Emergency workers rushed to the scene, moving her to safety while battling the flames.

Unfortunately, Rebecca succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at 1:42 am. Rebecca's daughter and partner also suffered injuries in the fire, adding to the tragedy. Callum, her son, displayed immense bravery by carrying his sister to safety and attempting to rescue his parents. His actions were commended by the coroner, who praised his character. Investigations revealed that the fire was caused by the failure of the lithium battery, with the fire service confirming its role in the blaze.

The rapid flammability of lithium batteries made it difficult for the family to escape. A man was initially arrested on suspicion of negligence manslaughter in relation to the battery, but no further action was taken. Following another fire caused by a battery from the same source, a public safety meeting was organized in Blackpool. The meeting aimed to address the dangers associated with lithium batteries and prevent similar tragedies from occurring. Rebecca's death was ruled as accidental, caused by multiple injuries sustained during her escape from the fire. Her family and loved ones will always cherish her spirit of love, care, and kindness towards others, which they considered the most important gift in life.

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