Funny! A Young Man Has A C-Cup ‘Man Boobs’ And Bigger Than Girls, They Prevent Him From Finding Love!


A Pennsylvania man who weighed 280 pounds insists that his C-cup “man boobs” prevent him from finding love — since women frequently “laugh” in his face.

Ryan Tubbs said that he started developing “man boobs” at the age of 8 years old when he started to rapidly gain weight, which made his years at school “absolute hell.”

“I’ve been bullied my entire life. School was absolute hell for me,” Tubbs, 34, said. “I didn’t participate in gym, someone put a sports bra in my locker.”

“Every day they yelled at me to wear a sports bra. I’ve never felt confident in my life, there hasn’t been one day where I’ve felt good about myself,” continued the factory worker. “I try to keep positive even in the worst of times.”


Tubbs said he was always on the heavier side throughout school despite eating the same thing as his family members, who are all average weight.

Now, Tubbs is reflecting on why he has yet to find true love — and believes that his large breasts are holding him back.

“Right now, I’m 34, never been married, no kids, no girlfriend, I have nothing going for me,” Tubbs said. “It’s hard for me not to think that my boobs are holding me back.”

Tubbs said that many of the women he tried to date in his life refused him, simply because of his body structure.


“Many times in my life girls have said they can’t date a man with bigger boobs than them,” explained Tubbs. “The first time a woman was willing to date me was when I was 23. I’ve been single for ten years. It always goes back to that when I get rejected.”

“Trying to talk to girls, they’ll laugh at me and say ‘I can’t date a guy who has bigger t-ts than I do,'” continued Tubbs. “In high school when I worked up the courage to ask a girl out, some said no and laughed and it was the kind girls who told me why.”

Tubbs said that his longest relationship out of four girlfriends has been a year, but he’s usually the one to end things because he is not attracted to them.


“If I want to get into a relationship with a girl that I’m not attracted to then I could be in one right now,” said Tubbs. “I’ve been rejected so much that I avoid putting myself out there.”

Tubbs, who began shedding weight in 2017, said he now weighs 175 pounds and has “man boobs” equivalent to those of a B-cup.

“I was tired of being big, I have been ridiculed most of my life,” said Tubbs. “I lost weight because I wanted to become the best version of myself that I can and give myself the best chance I can to be as normal as possible.”


Tubbs said changing his lifestyle in the workplace has helped with his fitness journey.

“I’m 175 lbs now. I changed my eating, was smarter,” said Ryan. “I [previously] worked at a company where we made snack food so I could eat all the free Cheetos I wanted and I was snacking all day.”

Now, Tubbs is sharing his story in the hopes of getting a male breast reduction surgery and has even started a fundraiser to help raise money.

“To get rid of these breasts that I’ve had since I was eight, I can’t say how ecstatic and happy I would be,” gushed Tubbs. “To be able to look in the mirror and feel content would be amazing. My main goal after having surgery is to find love.”



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